Roberto Romanello

Born in Udine on 1958, obtained a degree 1985 at the University for Architecture in Venice.
A versatile artist, he dedicated himself to figurative and plastic art, before applying such experience and aesthetic sensitivity to graphic, design, interior decorating related to architecture.
The aesthetic value of his work, made up of essentiality and rigour, results from a coherent use of the meaningful originality of his shapes, issuing from a critical meditation on the works of contemporary masters and a constant creative study.
The complex creative process of his projects is completed by a deep technological know-how and a perfect balance of geometric forms and proportions.
As an art director or expert, he collaborates with qualified firms who avail themselves of his experience for installations, catalogues and all other communication-related aspects.
He takes part in exhibitions and contests and his work appear in international publications and magazines.
He lives and works in Udine.


Fabrizio Cester

Born in Venice on 1960, he has been working as a professional graduate Architect since 1995.
Throughout the Nineties, he addresses his personal involvement to interior architecture, industrial design, yacht design, trade shows set ups and classical furniture.
As designer, he works with well-qualified Companies for which he designed furnishing complements and technical objects.
He takes part in exhibitions and architecture and design contests; his works appear in more publications.
He lives and works in Venice.

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