MOHDO is inspired by a dream, by a profound desire to create a far-sighted and ample-scope project, to give form to true contemporary classics, furniture pieces that never go out of style, capable of impressing their own style in every period.
The uniqueness of the entire collection is reflected by the distinctive, essential and rigorous language, the harmonious union between a rational use of the form and a design research which continues to present new, creative versions of the latest codes of the contemporary period.
The whole productive process is elevated to research perfection in the details, from the choice of materials to the attentive execution of the final details, that is worthy of the best tailors and that combine a respect for tradition with a never-fading desire for innovation and evolution. In the name of an uncompromising quality, that finds its natural expression in exclusive upholstered products with pure and harmonious lines, refined padded furniture that stands out from everything around it: elegant and timeless upholstered products.
The MOHDO collections are the result of a profound stylistic research, where the chief source of inspiration is the arts. This approach has made it possible to give these objects appearance, structure and colour according to a well-defined design from the beginning, on the basis of a method aimed at the very highest quality. Because choosing a MOHDO product means choosing a design item that has been conceived and made according to the very highest standards.

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